My Take on SCOTUS Decision

So, this is my first blog that is non-Greek. I am doing this entry because a Supreme Court decision this morning ruled that closely held companies can refuse to cover employees’ contraception. This is not going to be an impartial blog.

This decision is an example of government failing to recognize women as human beings equal to men. This is an example of government believing that women are not capable of making their own decisions regarding health care. This is an example of corporations being recognized as people. Corporations are not people.

Another problem with this decision is that the power being handed to employers is overwhelming in male hands. Women are grossly misrepresented in high-power corporate and governmental positions. It is harder for women to move up the ladder of employment, as they are not taken seriously despite many times being more qualified and experienced than the men who pass them up. So, when these companies’ leaders have the power to determine their employees’ health care, that means overwhelmingly, men have the power to determine women’s health care.

These issues infuriate me in a very personal way. This is absolutely personal. It is a governmental affront on all women.

The people championing “religious freedom” in this case are the same who encourage islamaphobia, prayer in schools, and the teaching of intelligent design over evolution. The same people. You cannot have it both ways. These conservatives want “religious freedom” only when it concerns their own religion. Also, the religious freedom aspect can get sticky: what happens when an employer’s religion doesn’t believe in health care, only prayer? Do they not have to pay for any health care? What happens when corporations have religious rights? What happens when an employer doesn’t believe in do-not-resuscitate orders or vaccines? What if an employer identifies with their own made-up religion to get out of paying for things?

I am disgusted by the SCOTUS decision and I have nothing else to say on the matter at this point, other than that it just reinforces that women, including me, must work even harder to be recognized by our government and our employers as human beings.


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