Unnecessary Blogging

June 24

Well..here I am in the Philadelphia Airport.

Barnes sent us all an email that made me tear up. I am so thankful. To him, to Naomi, to our guides, to Takis, etc. So thankful for this opportunity. I learned so much. And I have developed a serious appetite for travel now.

This post is extremely unnecessary but I’m bored during my layover, so y’all can just deal.

Some people may have not made their flights, since customs here took forever, so I’m glad for the layover because it kept me from being anxious. Anxiety = bad, especially when paired with the post-travel depression that’s sure to set in.

When can I go back?

Fun Fact: Fulton, MO sucks compared to Greece.

Fun Fact: Barnes and Naomi are incredible teachers and people. Very passionate and interesting and caring.

Fun Fact: I still feel like I’m on a boat/plane/etc. Ew.

FEELZ: numb. Doesn’t feel like it’s over yet. Hasn’t sunk in. When it does I’ll probably cry again. *sigh*

Warnings for everyone: blogs from now on will be predominately feminism-based, I’m sure. So get out while you can. I’ll have to fuck around with my layout a bit to figure it out.

Thanks for playing! See ya on the other side!


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