It’s the Final Countdown

June 23

Free morning this morning. I slept around 4 and a half hours and got up to go walk around the Old Market one last time. After exploring some, I stopped for one last freddo espresso before heading back to the hotel to lay out in the sun and nap. 

After that, we hit the ferry for around 4 and a half hours to Athens. Then, the Smile Cafe for one last time (the third time we’ve been there total). I ate my weight in gyro for the last time (I keep saying “for the last time”, oops) and then headed back to the Herodion (which I typed as “home” because we always come back to it). Now here I am, sitting with some friends and blogging.

It’s apparently over, so I’ve been told. I’m done. Studying abroad has finished. I’m amazed by how fast it has gone. I was so nervous at first and now I’m so sad to go home. Greece has exceeded all of my expectations. The landscape is more beautiful than the pictures and post cards, and the people are friendlier and the food is tastier. I promise you. 

I will update this blog soon enough so it’s conducive to just a personal blog. If you’re interested, feel free to continue to read about my weird thoughts. 

Thanks for reading! And thank you, Barnes, for absolutely everything. You’re the best.


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