Fritters, Feta, and Fishy Nibbles

June 17

Today we took the ferry from Athens to Santorini, meaning we got up at 5am. We stopped at our hotel and then walked to town for lunch. I had an awesome omelet with tomatoes and feta.

After that, a few others and I decided to stop by a fish spa. We’d seen them all over and decided we wanted the experience; it was definitely worth it. The little fish nibble on your feet softly, eating the dead skin off of them. I don’t know how much it actually worked, skin wise, but it was a fun thing to try with friends. After, we got to write on the spa’s wall–I wrote, “Fish are friends, feet are food.” 

After that was free time, which we spent by the pool at the hotel. Unfortunately, a lot if intoxicated students from another university were being a bit obnoxious out there, but that definitely doesn’t negate the fact that we were floating in a beautiful pool on a beautiful island.


We were taken to a restaurant whose chef is friends with our island guide, Vangelis. He taught us to make tzatziki, veggie fritters, and Greek meatballs. I got to help shred cucumber and chop onions! Everything tasted incredible.

Then, before dinner (at that same restaurant) we had free time to walk around Firá, the town we’re in. We looked at shops (which were either tourist or designer, no in-between really) and then stopped to watch the sunset in a small ledge near the street. It was the most gorgeous sunset I’ve ever seen. Orange and purple sky broken by misty island mountains in the distance, slowly turning to the deep comfortable navy of night.

After a delicious dinner, we went out on the town to a bar recommend for us by one of the students. It was basically a giant great party complete with misogynistic music and water drinks that I was told were basically sugary water. We left it very quickly. We walked down the street and speed at a much more relaxed place. We stayed for a while and at around 1:45am, headed back to the hotel. I came back to the hotel to find my room was extremely hot and humid. I ended up sleeping on the floor of a friend’s room, whose sure was cranked so high I wrote up shivering. It was much better than sweating all night. We all know how I am with sweating. It’s a problem.



1 kilo Greek yogurt; 1 cucumber peeled a bit (leave some skin for color) and shredded. Put cucumber in yogurt with a tiny bit of vinegar, 2 cloves minced garlic, parsley, spearmint, salt, white pepper, and a good amount of olive oil. Mix. Taste to see what it needs. Don’t be afraid of olive oil, be afraid of vinegar.


Tomatoes (maybe 2-3? They used small ones so I don’t know), chopped and press with fist in strainer; a few onions, chopped; vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and ~2 cloves of garlic; wheat flour and self-rising for. Make into a paste it cookie dough consistency. Roll into balls and roll in flour. Fry in olive oil very hot at first, slowly turning temperature to medium.


1 kilo minced pork, 2-3 cups bread crumbs, salt, white pepper, parsley, spearmint. Generous amount of olive oil, shot of ouzo, 1 egg, small bit of red wine vinegar. Mix with hands, roll into balls, roll around in wheat flour. Fry in olive oil using same method as above.


Today I’d like to mention a lesson I’ve learned about myself on this trip. As many in my family and friends groups may know, was quite anxious about this trip. In was afraid of making friends and just traveling in general. I just get anxious often. Very often. The last time I went abroad I was with my mom, my best friends, and many other people whom I knew. Here, I was starting off blank. So the lesson is this: I can do these things alone. I can overcome anxiety and not allow it to dictate my life. I can go without my mom or friends. I can start alone and meet people who may like me and be okay. I can conquer my self-induced obstacles. So, once again, I thank anyone and everyone who helped me get the guys to apply and go on this trip, and the people on it who have made it so fun and important to me.

Peace 🙂


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