Iguana Stay in Corfu

June 10

BEACH DAY! I ran with Katy again this morning, and my quads are dead. Tomorrow shall be a rest day (as much as it can be on this trip).

We drove towards Paleokastritsa where the beach was. When we got close, we saw a large rock in the sea that many Corfiates believe was the Ship of the Phaeacians. This was the ship that Odysseus got from the Phaeacians to sail home to Ithaca, but Poseidon turned it to stone because Odysseus killed his son, the cyclops.

We went up a hill to an area around a monastery and decided to get a better view of the sea. We climbed a bit to a lookout from which we got the most amazing view you could imagine. Here, Aristotle pointed out where we were in relation to Libya and Italy. After some pictures, we left and went to the beach!

The beach was gorgeous. First thing I went in with some others and swam out toward the open sea [insert Finding Nemo joke here]. You could see straight to the bottom, which was very far down. The water was bone-chilling but very refreshing since I was my usual sweaty self.

After some beach time, we went to a restaurant where Jane and I split lobster/shrimp pasta and pizza. We devoured it as per usual and then walked around. We saw the “Corfu Aquarium” and entered–they had an octopus, starfish, eels, lizards, snakes, and more. It was extremely cool. I stroked an iguana that closed its eyes in comfort, and then held a corn snake that wrapped its skinny tail around my forearm and freaked me out.

We drove back the the hotel, but on the way we stopped by Aristotle’s home village. We met some of his cousins and looked out over an amazing view. Aristotle informed us that the distant mountains we saw were those of Albania, which was pretty fascinating. We all could tell Aristotle was very excited to show us his town because he twirled his worry beads the whole time.

After a shower at the hotel, Nicki did my makeup and we headed out to Corfu Town. It looked a lot like Florence, Italy, to me. It was absolutely beautiful. One thing I enjoy about the cities here are the flowers growing out and around windowsills. It is so natural in an unnatural place and their flowers are so bright. I love it.

We got some free time and I bought a green dress after perusing a few stores. After dinner, we came back, and here I am!


1. Corfu was the first place in Greece to have apartment buildings.

2. Architecture in Corfu Town is a blend of Venetian, French, and British.

3. At one corner, a pinecone is hanging off a building. It is a landmark there, and no one knows exactly its origins. Therei s speculation a church was there.


Today was fun! I am excited to go to more sites tomorrow because of the relaxation days we’ve had recently. I know the doing-nothing is hard for Aristotle, who holds so much information that he must burst if he can’t tell it to anyone.

The beach was breathtaking. Mom will be/is so jealous. Love you, Mom! Keep this place in mind when you’re thinking about trips. You’d like it. Also I wasn’t even sunburnt at all!

These places are the most beautiful I could imagine. Claire asked Barnes today why he kept taking us to places we never wanted to leave, and Barnes said it was so he could take us to more places we’d never want to leave. 🙂 ❤

I have no reason to be exhausted right now but I am. I am also falling asleep typing this so I’ll see ya tomorrow!

Peace ‘n’ Blessin’s


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