On the Road Aegean (HA PUNZ)

June 9

IMG_4416 Travel day today! 7 hours on our bus + 1.5 hours on a ferry = Corfu. Katy and I got up early and did a small Crossfit WOD (Mom and Dad: 17 min AMRAP, 5 push ups, 10 sit ups, 15 squats) which was hard because of my sore legs from running yesterday. It felt good though. Then shower, breakfast, and on to the bus!

I slept for the first hour and a half or so. We stopped for coffee/soda/etc., and then crossed the Rio-Antirrio Bridge. It is the longest cable-stay bridge in the world. It can withstand an earthquake up to 7.0 on the Richter scale and is 2500m long.

We drove for a while and I read Bitchfest, and Barnes shared some honey-sesame-seed pistachios from Aegina. They are delectable as hell, just so you know. We stopped for lunch and walked back through the rain to the bus. WHY DOES IT KEEP RAINING ON US? LIKE SERIOUSLY. I WAS TOLD IT WOULD NOT RAIN ON US.

Amazing sunset we saw outside the hotel! Looks like the mountains are on fire.

IMG_4423After the bus ride ended, we got to the ferry early and got on the 4:30pm one instead of the 6:30pm one! This was lucky, since a storm was following us and stayed behind the boat the whole ride. We got to the hotel around 6:30 and I showered and went to dinner, which was at the hotel and amazing. They had green ice cream that they said was pistachio but tasted like buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies.

Now I’m back in the hotel room! So, I guess it’s time for a few fun facts from my boring travel day!

1. We passed the place described in Homer’s The Odyssey where Odysseus sacrifices to Persephone and Hades and asks Tiresias how he will get back to Ithaca.

2. The Fortress of Corfu has never fallen, unlike Palamidi.

3. Corfu looks like Venice, at least from the sea. I mentioned this to Barnes and he said it was built by the Venetians. Full circle, people. Full circle.

4. Kings and queens had their summer vacations at Corfu, and Queen Elizabeth’s consort Prince Philip was born here.

5. Our hotel is super swanky. It’s really nice.


Today was pretty uneventful. Just driving, travel. It was nice to have a break but it threw me off, since I’m just used to GOING GOING GOING. I am sad the weather’s been so weird and shitty, but WHADDUH YA GONNA DO. Zeus does his thing, I do mine.

I hope the weather improves tomorrow so we can go to the beach! Corfu seems pretty beautiful so I would like to see its beach. I am probably going to run or do Crossfit again tomorrow morning because I’ve been feeling better since I started that. It’s been quite nice. I’m enjoying this trip so much. 🙂

I slept a bunch on the bus today, but while I’m typing this my eyes are drooping down and I can feel myself falling asleep. The struggle is read. I am SO TIRED. So I’ma go to bed.

Peach ‘n’ Blessin’s ❤


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