NOT THE BEES!!! *Nic Cage voice*

June 5

Today’s weather was much better. Sunny and warm. We searched for shade as we walked through the archaeological sites of the day.

IMG_4285 First was Tiryns, an ancient Mycenaean palace with walls 7m thick. We explored the site and even were placed by Aristotle where columns would have stood in different periods of time. I liked this exercise because it helped me visualize what the place actually looked like, which can be hard for me sometimes. Aristotle discussed the different theories for the decline of Mycenaean palaces and other civilizations around the world, some of which were earthquakes, famine, upheaval at the hands of thIMG_4291e lower classes, and invasions by the Dorians.

Then we moved to Mycenae! I remembered Mycenae from the documentary Barnes had us watch, and it was cool to recognize things from the movie that I was seeing in real life. We saw beehive tombs that were large and used to bury more noble classes of people. We saw the Gate of Lions, a famous gate into Mycenae that was the first monumental sculpture in Europe.

After we climbed to the top of Mycenae (where some girls were being aggressively chased by bees) Aristotle read from Agamemnon which was pretty cool. Then we went into an underground cistern. Before it was my turn to go in, Barnes came out with blood all over his head! He had forgotten to duck down because he was trying to make sure no one fell, and hit his head on the rock and cut it (he’s okay, everyone wondering).

IMG_4327 We went down in the cistern, which was dark and buggy, but got some sweet pictures. It was pretty cool. Especially because Aristotle made a Lord of the Rings reference (his, like, fourth of the day).

In mythology, Mycenae is the place Agamemnon came back to from Troy and a place we were sitting was where his wife killed him (for sacrificing their daughter, Google it if you need). I like when we go places where myth-related things happened. Mythology is basically the reason I wanted to go on this trip (other than the month in Greece) because I love the stories, and I love seeing the places in which they “took place”.

IMG_4351We drove back to Nafplio and ate some more of the Country’s Best Gelato–update for Dad: it’s incredible, the guy is Italian–and had a good afternoon watching Frozen and cat videos with Jane and Claire. Side note–happy birthday Jane!


1. Tiryns was the location in mythology from which Heracles based his operations for his 12 labors.

2. Almost every major site we’ve been to has at one point been destroyed by an earthquake, with a new site built on top of the ruins.

3. Beehive tombs for the higher classes took 20,000 days of labor to make.

4. You can fit the entire palace of Mycenae into the central courtyard at Knossos, because Mycenaean palaces are smaller than Minoan ones. 

Only four facts for today. Probably to make up for the plethora of facts I’ve been supplying lately.

Section Deux: All the Feels

I feel great today! Had a migraine earlier but it went away. I liked the sites today, and had a good time this afternoon. I really like the people on this trip. It’s a good group. I like Nafplio and I’m glad we have a couple more days here before moving on. It has a really small-town, less-tourist feel to it, which I enjoy. I’m looking forward to dinner (in 4 minutes) which is bound to be delicious.


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