Yo Ho, It’s Off to Gorge We Go! (And Rethymno, and Hania, and Olive Oil…)

June 2

We moved from Heraklion to Hania today, still on Crete. ‘Twas a solid day. We started off hiking in a gorge in Rethymno that was incredible! People spent a bit too long exploring and Allie got a bit hangry, but it all worked out in the end. Afterwards, though, I felt caked in a layer of dirt. Totally worth it. The weather got a tad rainy but it kept us cool through the morning, and with most of us sunburnt from the beach, it was definitely a positive.IMG_4070

After that we traveled into the city and ate lunch at a burger bar. The surrounding town was really cool but since our food took an HOUR to come out, we didn’t really get to see it. Average burgers, too. 2/5 stars, would not recommend.

IMG_4200After that, we walked around the city and went to a pastry place where a very old man was very famous for his fyllo pastry, and we got to see him work. He and his wife were probs in my Top 3 Cutest Elderly Couples. Strong contenders. Katerina and Giorgio.

Here’s a link to Giorgio doin’ his thang: 

Next was olive oil manufacturers. Very cool, but I wish we could have seen them in motion, the centrifuge eeping out the oil from the olives. Is eeping a word? As I’m typing it has a red underline but I like it so HA!

Olive oil press–>Hania. Got a quick tour of the town for our FREE DAY TOMORROW WAAAAAAAAAT during which I plan to shopshopshop and beachbeachbeach.

Soon we depart for a seafood dinner. Getting very used to the whole, eating at 9:30pm at night thing. It does leave me very tired for the remainder of the evening though. Coffee may be needed.

Instant Allie–Just Add Coffee!! Now in a variety of flavors from Sweaty and Dirty to Sweaty and Sandy to Recently Showered but still Sweaty. You always get sweaty. Sorry ’bout it.

On that appetizing note, Fun Factz:

1. Per year, the average Greek person consumes 25 liters of olive oil.

2. The difference between green olives and black olives is that green ones are picked sooner. Some of you probably knew that (DAD) but I didn’t and it’s fun and it’s a fact SO THERE.

3. There are little mini-churches on the side of the winding mountain roads that have icons and lamps in them to show someone has had an accident and died on the road there. Our guide (Andreas) told us that drivers use those more than any sign to tell them when to be careful.

4. We saw carrot flowers with a dark part in the middle of them that were supposed to imitate bugs and, according to Andreas, “tell the other bugs there’s already a party going on”. 

5. Almost every Cretan town has been inhabited since Minoan times, around 3000-2000 BC. 

And nowwww it’s time forrrr.. All the Feels.

Today’s been less homesick-y than yesterday. I’m starting to get to know some of the other people here better, and that’s been nice. I am nervous about tonight because some people want to go out, and I’m more of a homebody (also I am so exhausted someone had to shake me to get off the bus today) so I tend to prefer staying in. However, I don’t want to miss out. So…we’ll see how that goes.

I really enjoyed the hiking today. It was a beautiful location, and it gave me some nice exercise and a change of pace.

I do believe I’ve gained a bit of weight on this trip (surprise, surprise) so maybe slow down on the bread? or the baklava? or the gelato? or the pizza? or the gyros? or….you get the idea. Allie should slow down. The food here is killer..so it’s hard.

Off to get coffee before dinner, will update more later.

IMG_4224Update: So, dinner consisted of grilled octopus, steamed mussels, grilled swordfish, and fried shark. Miss on the first two, hit on the second two. Who’d-a thunk it.

Many people are going out tonight, but I am staying in and getting some sleep! Free day tomorrow. 🙂 Then back on the ferry to the mainland…hope I don’t feel the sea for the next 2 days again!


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