Sacrificing a Pig to Poseidon


IMG_3720Today was another full day! We woke up and promptly got on the ferry to Aegina. It was a sunny, pleasant ride on the roof of the ferry; there were dolphins swimming near the boat and a man played the accordion. Once to Aegina, we boarded the bus (driven by our awesome driver, Takis) and headed to the Temple of Aphaia. I slept the whole way there.

We saw the temple and the place where the altar would have been to perform sacrifices. The temple was mostly original (less was reconstructed) and beautiful–less crowded with a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea. We spent some time in the museum next to the temple, and we saw the sculptures and reliefs that were in the temple. It was a teeny museum, but still interesting.

IMG_3718 We headed over the Agia Marina next to eat some lunch at a place near the beach. I ate shrimp, named one of them Asclepius and gave him a pepper hat. Next, we went down to the beach to lay for a while. Before long, it got too cloudy and cold and we left.

It was getting colder, cloudier, and windier the longer we stayed on Aegina. We found some pistachio shops that Barnes had recommended and then soon we left for the port to catch our ferry home.

The wind was picking up quickly, and waves were crashing into the port and soaking the ground, leaving large puddles and throwing salty sprays our way. Barnes informed us that our ferry hadn’t been able to dock and we’d have to wait 30 minutes to an hour for it to try again. If we weren’t scared about boats/motion sickness by then, we were now. Barnes mentioned we should sacrifice a pig to Poseidon to get the sea to settle down, which was cool by me.

After kissing the ground being glad we were on the mainland alive (jk the boat only rocked a little), we cleaned up and ate again at Smile Cafe, where I tried a bit of Barnes’s pastitsio (a lasagna-type dish with noodles, cheese, and meat) while eating my gyro and drinking some Fix. Sidenote: Fix is by far my favorite drink I’ve had here.

Today was a bit frightening with the ferry and all, but given that I’m an extremely anxious person, I handled it fine relative to how I’ve handled ferries in the past. 🙂 I really enjoyed the Temple of Aphaia today, though. I also got to eat my meals next to some people I hadn’t talked to much before–like Evan, Charlie, one of the Nicki’s–which was nice.

FIMG_3709un facts for today:

1. A man associated with the Greek soccer team Olympiakos created his own political party and won municipal elections in Athens. Graffiti in Athens includes the gate numbers where specific teams’ fans enter into the stadium there. 

2. There were 2 Trojan Wars–in the first, Heracles and his friends decided to battle Troy, and the second was the more famous one with Achilles, Helen, etc.

3. Greek people are pretty pissed off about parts of the Parthenon and other Ancient Greek artifacts being housed in London because the man who excavated them took them back with him. Our guide, Aristotle, basically says they keep making excuses to keep the artifacts and none of them really hold.

4. Stray cats in Athens are also friendly, not just dogs.

5. Children on Aegina will yell “TOURIST!” at you and then proceed to ask if you are from Britain. You will most likely be too surprised and amused to say anything back before you walk out of earshot.

Tomorrow, the Temple of Zeus and the famous Temple of Poseidon, as well as a monastery! The overnight ferry to Crete takes off at 9pm!


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